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Ebru Sanatı
Ebru Sanatı
Ebru Sanatı

The meaning of marbling can shortly be described as the method of scattering insoluble paint over dense water to achieve an embroidery paper.

The word "ebri" in Persian that means "looking like cloudy", is the root of the word "ebru" in Turkish which means marbling. The craftsmen that work on this art are called "ebrucu" meaning "marbling artist".

Prof. Uğur Derman, in his book "Marbling in Turkish Art", adds a new item to the description of marbling in Turkish dictionary Kamus-ı Türki written by Şemseddin Sami Bey. The item is EBRU: (Persian root Ebri =in the color of clouds, actually in Çağatay Language ebre=roba (cloth, pelt) moiré cloth or paper=(name) the color figured paper that is used for making notebook case or fascicle.

In the same book he continues; "but it is mostly used in whether written or printed sources as old ebri that makes the word get a meaning more alike to cloudy" and he adds that Master Necmeddin Okyay used this word with this original pronunciation.

Persions called ebru as "ebr-u bad" that means air and cloud, Arabians called it varaku'l-mücezza",and Europeans call it "marble paper" or Turkish paper".

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